We are a family business that offers global transport and logistics services for more than 30 years in Asturias.


Our LOGISTICS PLATFORM is located in the industrial epicenter of Asturias, 10km from Oviedo, 20km from the port of Gijón and 25km from the port of Avilés.
During these years we have strengthened a network of collaborators with whom we can provide solutions throughout the national and international territory.

What do we do?

We offer national and international, land, sea and air transportation that we complete with warehousing, distribution and assembly services. We are known for having that solution according to each circumstance.

How do we do it?

Our clients value our direct attention, as well as the versatility and flexibility of our work. New technologies have given us speed of response and operation, but we also continue to focus on maintaining personal treatment, adjusting to the peculiarities of each situation.

Why Guttrans?

Because a quality management in the delivery of products is a very important part in the sales success of our clients; as well as having supplies in a timely manner is essential for each operation. We transmit confidence and security in what we do as added value to delivery.

Do we organize it?